Tips on Post Titles, Naming, and Tagging to Facilitate Collaboration on TPC

Here are three quick and easy pro-tips as you become a master on TPC - The Pitchworthy Community:

1. Fix up your profile

Fix up your profile, add a description that includes info about you and your team, and add your team name in your username or name. This way it’ll show up when people see or hover over your name on posts. We’re all meeting new people these days, so any clues help. Here’s how I did that:


2. Include your team name on (relevant) topics in shared categories

Include your team name in topics that you create on general / shared categories, for the team videos that you post, etc (when relevant … if you’re not writing about your team, then this might not be necessary / helpful).

3. Use your team tag for team topics, videos, and other things you want people to see about your team

This way both you and other teams can find your topics and videos across different categories, making it easier for us to follow your team’s progress and threads. Check the tags page to see what you and other teams are up to. (We’re still developing the tags methods on the site, so some tags and categories might not be activated or shared yet.)

Do you have other pro tips that you want to share that could help make the experience easier for yourself or others? Please share below!