This is Fahd's from Inspiration Garden!

Hey Everyone! :grin:

Happy to connect with you.
I am usually known from my energy! So, let’s hope this energy will hit you in my video!
Have a look to my profile to know more about my background and why I am here :)))
Looking forward to reading your comments below!
Ask & give me some food for thought!

Below are some #s to make sense of our Learning Community!

Establishment Year: :two: :zero: :one: :four:
Current Full Time Staff (40hr+/week): :two:
Current Part-Time Staff (20-25hrs/week): :one: :zero:
# of students annually served: :eight: :zero:+
# of parents annually served: :five: :zero:+
# of teachers in our community :one: :zero: :zero:+

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