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Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for the great experience of meeting and interacting with you all. I’m sharing my quick pitch, estimated budget and Ask.

My highest regards to you all,

Sarah Nasser Eddin

Habits mission is to nurture the creative spirit of kids by celebrating their reading, writing and artistic skills. We hope you enjoy the short video below!

Habits budget sheet 2.pdf (751.9 KB)
revenue model 2020.pdf (3.1 MB)

If you can… We’d like to ask
Since we’re not online yet, we would love to hear from you, your comments, feedback and what interested you, send it to: And keep us in mind once we’re online!

Thank you for watching the video. We invite you to give feedback to this team by filling the form on this link:

Id like to add that I answered the questions I received below. Thank you:)


Great work & progress on the storytelling! @Sarah :smiley: well done

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The drawings are so appealing :heart_eyes:
I’ll contact you by email for more feedback!

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Thank you! It was improved by our conversation last week:)


Thank you so much:) You cant imagine all the beautiful artwork that has been sent to us over the years. Who knows maybe some of our students are now being helped by your project! ( Our first students are now in highschool;)
Looking forward to hearing from you anytime.

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That’s really interesting!!!

Try to stay in contact with your beneficiaries even after they are outside your targeted market.
I have a student who I helped few years ago and we stayed in touch until now. He’s now volunteering with me and putting so much efforts as a give backo for other students.
It’s really important to make them feel that they are part of a community. This will create a unique experience.

And for sure let’s stay in touch and do inform us once your website is launched so we can share it on our social media and the people we know. For sure they might have or know someone who have younger siblings that will benefit from Habits!!

I wish we were able to follow up with some of the students, unfortunately when schools purchase it for the elementary dept. we dont get sent the contact info of all the parents ( kids contact info) unless they specifically send us an email.
And I cant wait until were re-launched! So for sure Ill let everyone know:)

Thanks again!

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Here are your questions from demo day, please try to answer them as best as you can. There are some overlapping questions so make sure you read through them all and create broad answers for the different categories

Anonymous: How you will grantee the sustainability and scalability of your business? what is needed to achieve expansion?
Anonymous: How does the Creativity Bundle connect with the school curriculum and/or teacher practice?
TJ: This seems like a solid idea, and you’ve seen it work in print. Can you help me understand whether/how it transfers to online? Specifically, regarding the revenue model, what does your print experience tell you works, and what does your research tell you about transfer of that to online.
Anonymous: How will you be sustaining your activity?
Samer Khalil: would like to know more about the content of the magazine; and how it is developed.
Alia Nazar-Farhat: Is “Habits” only in English or also in other languages such as Arabic?
What is the revenue model?
Could Habits be accessible for less privileged population?
Sandy Fahed: What is your revenue model?
Jad Bejjani: Impressive presentation and theme. Would have loved to know more about the monetary aspect of Habits. How does your business model look like?
kamel: What is the target age group? does it cover pre-school?
Anonymous: A question to the team: Do you have any plan to scale your business?
Azhar: what are you plans for digital content versions of the journal? Ah thats exactly what you’re pivoting too!
Anonymous: Why did you focus on just the illustrations and not make this into a full kids cultural ands educational Magazine like the one’s we grew up reading and loving in the 90s ?
Mark Dickinson: What is the resource that you need the most?
Anonymous: The visuals were very nice however consider your slides simpler because I stayed focused on them trying to see every single drawing there. This distracted me from being able to focus with your voice.
Anonymous: While offering this beautiful space for kids to journal, I would’ve liked to hear more on how you actively encourage them to do so.
Anonymous: Excellent initiative. Why the name “Habits” ? That needs to be clarified. or maybe change the name to connect better with the program.

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Hello! I will start answering them today hopefully. But a quick question, do I reply here to their questions or individually?


I’d reply to them here since some questions over lap, and then if you want to send an email you can refer them to this aggregated answer space. Does that make sense?

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Thank you for showing interest in Habits :slightly_smiling_face:. You have become the audience to a pivotal shift in our business model & revenue streams. It was difficult to tell you about both, what we have accomplished so far and to explain in detail where we are heading in a 3 minute pitch;)

Many questions were asked regarding this, so I will show how we sustained ourselves previously and where we are projecting to go. I will also share our business model canvas that shows how we were previously operational, and how we will re-launch ourselves once we go online. I have included all the potential revenue streams as well ( we are going to start off with only a few items and then grow onto next phases.) - the link is found at the bottom of this message complete with before, current and future plans.

To begin answering all the questions, I grouped some of the common questions under a general topic title, so I hope I got them all:

As a brief written introduction to us ( along the way answering many of your questions):

Habits started in 2012 as a publication celebrating what kids can do. We were offering a multitude of creative, linguistic, cultural, scientific, recreational, discussion material, and best and most uniquely of all space to publish elementary students creative works. We offered 14 out of 40 pages for interactive activities that students were able to do in class or at home and send to us. As the years progressed, our mission began to take on a life of its own and we became known for our signature material that was inspiring readers to draw, write, read for fun as well as providing great discussion content for class and at home.

Why the name Habits: Because we are building lifelong Habits :wink:

We chose the ideal age group of elementary students, because they are just learning to master reading, and developing their writing and more advanced social skills. During these ages there’s excitement about learning without the pressure of official exams that come at later ages. It was our window of opportunity to tell them, “your ideas matter, your drawings say a lot, and what you can do is great” and because they are very impressionable in those ages, we are banking that our message would stick in their minds and develop into the life long habits of reading, writing and artistic expression ( in other words to use their imagination wherever they decide to go in life)

Clients: From 2012-2019 schools ( elementary/primary dept) were our main clients. This will change once we are online. We will keep our previous ways of retaining clients but any individual will also have access to purchase.

Age group of readers: Grade 1-6 ages 6-12. This will also change once anyone has access to the website activities. To clarify further the age range- Because it is a non-graded space we were offering schools, we accepted that a grade 1 will answer differently than a 6th grader, and that some students might need assistance and others not. And over the 7 years in operation we received entries equally across all age groups.

Languages: We are an English journal, offering 2 activities in Arabic. ( UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia sales trips suggested we add more Arabic, which we might do.)

What is the Creativity Bundle: This is a collection of 8-9 of our signature activities that was found in our printed version. These activities include: creative writing, character design, critical thinking prompts, discussion/dialogue prompts, as well as imagination exploration exercises. We were hoping to only sell them online and you would receive them weekly to enjoy doing in class or at home. But with no clear availability of accessible online payments options for Lebanon at the moment, we will wait until we can launch this. INSTEAD for the time being we will use the 52 week bundles and design an ultimate Creative Journal that can be bought online (COD), bought through schools as a weekly writing/journaling resource, by families wanting something fun to do together, and by individuals who want to spend their time productively or hone their creative talents.

Revenue stream: Up until last year we only had school based subscriptions.

But now- as a first phase we’ll be offering an all inclusive creativity journal (52 creativity bundles in 1 booklet)of our main signature material to be treated as the ultimate creative writing, storytelling, drawing journal reference for both schools and parents and child focused organizations, and bookshops. As well as online creativity bundles ( only feasible if online payments can be made), until then we will also offer free 1 month trials. Parents can now purchase the journal, not just from their child’s school, but from the website, from bookshops and hopefully from Amazon. I have purchased the top selling creative writing books for kids, and we have much more to offer!

Distribution: We own our warehouse, so storage is not an issue. And we dealt with both Liban Post and Levant ( the largest publication distributor in Lebanon)for publication distribution.

Marketing: From 2012 -2019 we used direct calling, emails and word of mouth. We had two sales plans: Family schools & Friends schools. The former offered reduced pricing for schools buying in bulk vs. individual student subscriptions. We had no social media presence nor a marketing team. Once we go online this will change and while retaining our old clients, we will expand our market drastically.

How Will We Grow: We have reached over 10,000 families without a single social media account, nor any dedicated marketing personnel. And we were running Habits on a part-time basis (our small team all had other jobs) and yet managed to make it this far.

For the past 3 years we realized after exploring the market both in Lebanon and a few Gulf countries, that we cannot keep Habits as a hobby job. There is too much potential for it to grow. Schools everywhere are seeking something mindful, though provoking, inspiring and imaginative for their students to participate in. And what is better we can publish on a national and soon international level.

We will be offering unique services to a much wider audience, so even if we only increased school participation in Lebanon this would be amazing. Currently we are in discussions for Qatar and UAE with 2 of the largest educational material distributors and publication houses. We are among the very few offering tailored creativity content to the region, with an option of adding more Arabic. We have also been setting down the foundations of a creative community between schools once we start publishing the student art gallery online and organizing exhibitions and workshops, and competitions. We can partner with so many other organizations and projects that also support the well-being of young children. And we will always have the printed creativity boosting resources as our reference point. ­­

Habits & School Curriculum: Habits respected the fact that schools and teachers had a complete curriculum tightly in place. We didn’t want to offer them extra work to integrate into the teachers schedules. We were an extra-curricular supplement (eventhough by our 2nd year in print most of our client schools integrated it into their schedule).Our content wasn’t tethered to any specific curriculum or theme. ( there are huge and established companies doing their job in providing that kind of educational material.) Infact our content was specifically designed using hours of data that we collected from teachers, principals, school counselors, parents and students themselves. We were offering schools the needed space to publish their student work; work that was being done through the schools chosen curriculum. It was an egalitarian platform- any type of school could join and publish.

How to Use Habits: In the printed version that was in use, we were offering a lot of subject matter in an effort to be that all inclusive “one stop shop” of a publication for kids. But our signature content was the pages that activate and inspire a students natural imagination. We have story launchers, brainstorm discussions, story creators, character/cartoon design, critical thinking exercises, and even leadership exercises. We were careful not to have any right or wrong answers to our content, and constantly reminded schools not to grade any work done in Habits. Ours was a safe, non-judgmental creative space . Kids were free to do any of the activities they chose. And if schools officially assigned them, they were treated as fun, non-testable activities.

Why Our Schools Remained Loyal Clients: We were offering them something unique that other extra-curricular publications were not: The opportunity to highlight their students and school efforts. Because we were offering content developed for and by the students, our readers were always excited to read through Habits. It was something stressfree- and enjoyable that was distributed every 2 months. We sent out surveys over 2 years asking students what they felt when they received Habits, what pages did they like most, what they would like to see, and general questions about their lifestyle. Students enjoyed the interactive pages that ask them to participate, they also looked forward to seeing if their work or schools name was mentioned. The art submissions alone can tell us that they enjoyed participating with us. One pilot school that remained with us for 6 years allowed us to view 400 used Habits copies, which we were glad to see had been thoroughly read, and activities completed, each in their own way. Schools also noted our excellent customer service through 2 main things: their feedback was always taken into consideration and used to improve Habits each year, and we were punctual and professional in deliveries, data collection and content development.

The Most Needed Resource: Is to redesign our website to include at least 2 games that translate 2 core activities that were found in print. The website with its improvements and social media campaign will be the funnel to most sales.

I hope this answers the questions, and please feel free to ask for any more clarifications. I am available to answer anything further.

Thank you!


How I love this project/business. The slides and presentations made my heart flutter a bit. I know there’s a lot to work through when it comes to the online portion but with such beautiful art, the world awaits!

I was wondering if you could share the social media channels below (if they’re available)! @Sarah

Hello! sorry for my late reply. I had a long week at work (all through my easter break:(

Thank you for liking the artwork! I absolutely loved what we had received in the last years. I also loved working on them and creating new pieces from what the students had been sending. That was what we used for many of our covers;) I included some of our covers I think on the last slide.

To answer, we had set up social media accounts a few years back, but never used them. They have no posts or anything, so theres nothing much to share, eventhough on instagram we recently found out that we have followers lol. I will share with you and everyone the accounts once they are ready to be viewed.
So Ill be in touch and I hope to chat again soon.

Have a great weekend!

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Sounds good - looking forward.