Team 5. Green Spurs (Edutek) / Mariam Haidar

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Here are your questions from demo day, please try to answer them as best as you can. There are some overlapping questions so make sure you read through them all and create broad answers for the different categories

Anonymous: Can you rephrase your core message?
Anonymous: How exactly will the material be integrated? like is it taught to kindergarten students?
TJ: It took me a long time to understand what the product is here. It’s kits, right? Or a subscription for kits? So the first question is how will you manufacture these? Do you have any market feedback that people actually want them? Have you tested your pricing model?
Samer Khalil: How you are getting the good Agronomic advises to develop the curriculum
Caroline Isaac-Hamdan: Need to maybe look at some success stories here you can use as a reference in your presentation. ie sellig by reference
Anonymous: Do you consider schools as your direct customers or students?
Anonymous: to what extent is your revenue module sustainable? competitors?
how you will guarantee the impact of your program over the long run?
Maria: I love the idea of having this integrated into the wider curriculum. Have schools indicated an interest in this? What sort of training would teachers need in order to be able to deliver this, and what sort of support could you offer to schools interested in including this in their curriculum? What about a community-based group offering to support building networks of students/young people involved in this so they can do stuff together and really on changing how they relate to the environment?
Anonymous: Which age group/level? are there several levels? how does it relate with science curriculum?
Alia Nazar-Farhat: Could you provide with a bit more clarity about the targeted market?
Could you provide more clarity about the revenue model?
Jad Bejjani: Do you think kits alone will be enough to reach your goals?
Azhar: Is the an online learning companion or the kits are completely usable offline?
Anonymous: Consider summarizing your pitch script. You were talking very fast in order to finish on time so it sounds like you were memorizing your script and just throwing it.
Sandy Fahed: What is the target age group? Is it inclusive of all grades?
Anonymous: How do you intend to move to an E-curriculum?
Mark Dickinson: Financials?
Patricia: I think it is an excellent program - and ideally should connect to nutrition, the school canteen, etc. Good luck!
Anonymous: Could you further clarify the solution you’re offering please?
Anonymous: what is the current status of Green Spurs? Is there an MVP or have you piloted with any schools yet?
Anonymous: I couldn’t catch if they already started with schools? It was a little glitchy
Anonymous: It was clear the use of technology to advance environmental sustainability and very innovative. I have questions around revue model as it may appear unsustainable from what the types of services EduTek offers.