Team 4. Cherpa / Basel Jalaleddine

What does Cherpa stand for?

Just like “Sherpa” people guide climbers to mountain peaks, we at Cherpa guide students to the “peak” by equipping them with 21st Century Skills.

Cherpa Promo Video:

Cherpa Loom Pitch:

Cherpa Social Impact to date:


Main Objectives:

  • Platform Arabic support
  • Offline platform support (for schools/students with weak or no internet connection)
  • Developing the first interactive Artificial Intelligence course in Arabic (ages 12+)

How can you help us? :rocket:

Help us by sharing our video [Cherpa Cyber Security Promo - YouTube] on your social media accounts to impact more students and prepare the youth with 21st-century skills for a better Lebanon! :lebanon:

Social Media:

Facebook: Redirecting...
Instagram: Login • Instagram


Who and How do you create the content?

  1. We reach out to an industry expert (eg. for the Artificial Intelligence Course it’s an AI Apple Engineer)
  2. Our team interview the expert to better understand the key topic that companies are using in AI and challenges they are solving.
  3. Our team comes up with a plan and shares this plan with the industry expert for approval or modification.
  4. Our team gamifies the topic and challenges while our educator makes sure the education concepts are met.
  5. We develop our content as an interactive game.
  6. Course is shared with the industry expert for feedback.
  7. Course testing with a couple of students.
  8. Course released.

Who are your partners?

We partner with different educational insitions that are equipped to give our content to their students. Partners are in 3 different countries for now. KSA, UAE, and Lebanon.

Example partners:
KSA: Spacetoon Education
UAE: FunRobotics Learning Center
Lebanon: American Community School

Thank you for watching the video. We invite you to give feedback to this team by filling the form on this link:


Go Cherpa Go! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Hats off ya Cherpa! Best of luck

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Amazing work @bassel !!

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Great work Bassel! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Very happy to see you communicating your SDG impact through education. You are also equipping youth with skills for future job opportunities, so I would definitely also add Goal# 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth.

Great work!


Thank you @sarashatila for pointing this out, I included it in the slides :+1:

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Here are your questions from demo day, please try to answer them as best as you can. There are some overlapping questions so make sure you read through them all and create broad answers for the different categories

Fatima: Why not starting by arabic content since the targeted market is MENA?
TJ: I’d be interested to learn more about the pricing model. You originally said you’ll support schools, but the pricing model implies a B-C component as well. How do these things interact? Or, if they’re separate, will you pursue one or the other first? Which one?
kamel: Do you develop your own content? which %? who are your partners?
Anonymous: Who’s creating the content?
Alia Nazar-Farhat: Great project with a great impact!
Very clear and well articulated presentation with clear info about the revenue model
Keep up the great work!
Caroline: Whay are you guys only going going 5000 more customers…go go go!!! This is a lovely company and idea…LOOK AT RAPID SCALING!!!
Anonymous: Maybe because i didnt have a chat with the members but i wondering about the challenges the team had here. Did you take the feedback from parents and their opinion
Azhar: How would the 6K prize fund be used / impact your plans in the short term? And how much of the content will be available in arabic for local markets?
Anonymous: Explain more how you are going to solve the problem
Anonymous: Whats the reason that you dont have a co-founder, only employees?
Jad Bejjani: Great presentation. Content is key, what are you plans there?
Anonymous: while presenting you said that you call them adventures not courses but in the screenshot from your website the page title is written as “My Courses” maybe consider editing it.
Sandy Fahed: What is your outreach plan?
Samer Khalil: I would like to hear more about the evaluation process
How often do you upload new courses?
Anonymous: What’s your marketing and/or partnership strategy to reach those 5,000 learners?
Anonymous: Very good presentation. It would be good if you talked more about the partnerships and collaborations you have forged already to advance your mission.
Danielle: I’m sure you will change the world!
Khodor Shamieh: Is reaching 5000 students attainable?
Mark Dickinson: Any collaborations possible with major global learning institutions?
Connecting with major gaming houses to entice them to do CSR through you?
Issamar: It’s an amazing project and really Lebanese students need it, and thank you for cherpa to no just helping students but also the centers in the rural area.

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