Team 2. Alternative Tour Beirut / Moustafa Fahs

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Here are your questions from demo day, please try to answer them as best as you can. There are some overlapping questions so make sure you read through them all and create broad answers for the different categories

Mark Dickinson: Online presence is earned or bought. How do you intend to get your product to market? And what is the long term growth plan?
Anonymous: How are the virtual tours conducted? i.e. Virtual reality? 3d Max etc…
Anonymous: I liked the idea, however, who is going to design the trips/content? how you will implement and reach out to customers? individuals?
Caroline Isaac-Hamdan: Huge target market begs the question to be asked - how are you going to attack it! Not clear at all Need some more chinky financials
Danie Zeitouny: Who is your competition?
Anonymous: How is this related to education?
Anonymous: It really wasn’t clear what you’re giving as tours - what will people see, do.
Anonymous: Can you further define your market and business goals?
Anonymous: I would advise decreasing the content on each slide, make it more simple and straightforward.
Anonymous: not sure if i got the full picture of the project . will check the website
Anonymous: What would you use the 9000 USD that you asked for?
Anonymous: I got lost a little bit how was education and tourism related.
Consider having less words on your slides.
Talk more about your team experience. We do care about their experience than about their names.
Anonymous: Do you face difficulties here in Lebanon and how u overcome them
Anonymous: What’s your competitive advantage compared to other companies offering walking tours in Beirut?
Anonymous: How is your project positively impacting students and learners? How is it reigniting their interest and engagement?
Alia Nazar-Farhat: What is your revenue model?
TJ: - Sure the market is big, but how much of it is accessible to you?

Dear all,

Thank you for your feedback and questions.

The following is an access to the presentation:

Please find below all the answers:

  • Individual Travelers - almost 90 % of our customers are Westerners; Europeans, Americans, Australians etc and if the numbers from the ministry of tourism in Lebanon is correct we have been tackling almost 8% through our tours that we provide. This contributed approximately to 4000 customers in 2019. We provide private/public (fixed) walking tours. The number of participants averages to around 13-15 participant per tour. We started with 1 tour per week 4 years ago and today we provide 6 tours per week.

  • Educational institutions - Here it is quite difficult to asses the market since the majority of the schools prefer to do their external excursions themselves. But in average we were capable of tackling 5 schools in 2019 with an approximation of 500 students. We provide interactive Alternative Educational Excursions. These vary from a full day excursion to 2 hours excursions where we focus our efforts to cover several topics such as:

    • Civil War - this particular excursion takes around 2 months of preparation; where we work with the history teachers to prepare the students ahead of the tours. We are using a manual (Memories of War) that has been approved by the ministry of the education known

    • Public Spaces and its importance and relevance and our responsibility.

    • Civic Engagement activities that is connected with several NGOs.

    • Sustainability - and these are workshops revolving environment within the city.

  • Corporates - here we provide Meetings, Incentive Programs, Conference build-ups, Event Management (MICE).This is a very niche market. The way that we target it is through creating partnerships with travel agents outside of Lebanon. The latest corporate took around of 8 months of preparation; meaning we started through applying a proposal to a bid to Carlsberg Beer in Sweden and had to compete with several other destination (worldwide). The main purpose was to convince that Lebanon and Beirut THE destination to visit. The way we knew about the bid was through our agent in Berlin.

Now regarding the virtual tours:

  1. Act as educational tools that can be used in class rooms.

  2. Act as advertising tools to advertise Lebanon as a destination.

  3. The VR tours will be in the form of episodes and we will be following a character through his/her journey around Lebanon.

  4. Each VR Tour will have a specific theme; History, Culture, Alternative Community Topic…

These episodes will be similar to a series - but the videos will be short.

These virtual tours are going to be for free - and not sold as products. Once we have the first pilot out we will provide the idea to several production houses and check for further funding and check if they would buy the series.

As regarding the 6k - this will help us push for 5 episodes. As part of my previous experience; I had worked as a freelance production manager for advertisement. In our team, Nader is a film production major and he will be working internally on the editing and formatting of the videos in order to produce the pilots.

I hope this answers all your questions and inquiries. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate letting us know.

Kind regards.