Team 17. WonderEd / A'laa Chbaro

Hello guys!

This is very exciting!! Here’s my video pitch and the link to the google slides. Good luck to everyone!!

ACSI deck.pdf (4.6 MB)

Thank you for watching the video. We invite you to give feedback to this team by filling the form on this link:

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Here are your questions from demo day, please try to answer them as best as you can. There are some overlapping questions so make sure you read through them all and create broad answers for the different categories

Samer Khalil: I didn’t get how the problem stated about not spending quality time with their parents is addressed.
Anonymous: I needed to understand more about the tool , how is it solving the problem
Azhar: How do you train the educators? Or is this purely digital content?
Sandy Fahed: Are you designing the curriculum and the kits as well? Or are you being inspired by existing worldwide models?

  • There are a ton of coding (algorithic thinking) apps / kits out there. What makes yours better?
  • Can parents really afford this?
  • How quickly can you scale manufacturing if you’re really able to access the market you described?

Jad Bejjani: Where can we buy the kit? Now :slight_smile:
Good job!
Anonymous: In all honesty, I don’t understand this idea of having 3-6 year olds do coding. Or how the coding program and offline learning connect. The idea is great, but it is beyond me.
Anonymous: How do you intend to make it more scalable in the future?
Anonymous: Love the idea. The problem you are solving was not clear. It sounded more like a gap in the market that these games can support. The game is targeting parents who are able to pay $40 if not more to buy this game limiting it’s accessibility to many. With a profit margin of 60%, maybe you can offer it at a discounted rates or cheaper for those who cannot afford it. Other than coding, have you thought of other areas to teach?