Team 12. Masri Center / Rami El Masri

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if you are interested is Masri Center Please send us your Feedback on and Support education of persons with disabilities because they need our help :slight_smile:

Thank you for watching the video. We invite you to give feedback to this team by filling the form on this link:

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Here are your questions from demo day, please try to answer them as best as you can. There are some overlapping questions so make sure you read through them all and create broad answers for the different categories

Anonymous: Have you thought about how you would you be able to scale the program to new locations? i.e. reducing costs or supporting revenue streams
Anonymous: How you will ensure the sustainability of business model? what is the ask to expand? reaching out to customers?
Anonymous: What is the unique service you can provide to target community, and which others cannot do better?
Mark Dickinson: What kind of website and app will you create in a month?
Anonymous: Can you clear out the monetary ask?

  • So you just have a single learning center? Is it your intent to try to scale? If so, how will you do it?
  • What is the purpose of the website / app? Is it just to sign up for the in-person services?
  • This seems a good idea and fairly straightforward. What help do you expect to gain from the accelerator program?

Caroline Isaac-Hamdan: Beyond web page creation what are your next steps
Anonymous: How does the digital tools and curricula work? And what makes the platform unique / special?
Anonymous: I need more clarity regarding implementation
Anonymous: change the terminology “disabled people” to “people with determination” which is the newly adopted term, to showcase that they are empowered & able :slight_smile:
Anonymous: I have a question for your team: How this makes you different in this competitive market.
Sandy Fahed: What is your outreach plan?
What is special about this center in comparison with other similar centers that provide different services?
What is your revenue model?
Anonymous: What’s your pricing strategy?
Anonymous: Great work. Looks like the objective is to expand outreach. However not clear what the targets are and the financing
Anonymous: There are a wide variety of disabilities - each with a range of capacities and ages. It seems you are over extending your team with too many of these. I would encourage greater focus.

Hello ,

Thank you all for your interest in Masri Center

Hope that I answer briefly all of your questions in this paragraph below

Masri Center is an educational center for more than ten years who is interested in teaching “people with determination”

We are teaching children with special needs such as: autism, trisomy 21, mental retardation, hyperkinesia, and now we want to expand our goals so that we can receive all people with disabilities so we decided to open the blind people’s education department.

As I said, all expenses of educational sessions are covered by partners from public societies and institutions, we are contracted with:

  • Lebanese Army Foundation,
  • Internal Security Forces ,
  • General Security ,
  • Ministry of Health
  • Lebanese Association for Nursery for Special Needs Education,
  • Handicap international (only for Syrian refugees )

Also, these entities send us the people (who care about their affairs, for example: in the Lebanese army, they send the children of the army) who need this education .

For the website like any company or organization we must create one. This web is only an introduction to the center and its services, and therefore we become more widely known, and we can put information on it for special needs education.

What distinguishes the center system is that after every educational session that the child performs, there is a meeting for about 5 minutes between the child’s parents and the specialist, which gives information about progress and advice for the parents that must be followed with the child at home.

But we have noted that parents forget these tips, hence the idea of ​​the application to digitalize this information and send these tips daily to their phones as it will contain information regarding their child’s educational status and progress. And all this information will be uploaded by the specialists in our team.

We will continue to develop until we become a model for a complete educational center that can accommodate all people with special needs. Then we can expand by opening other branches for us in all Lebanese regions, and also sharing our experience with centers and institutions in other countries.

We in North Lebanon are the only ones who provide these services together, and we have agreements with many entities that I have enumerated before, and this indicates the confidence that we have .