Sarah @ Habits My estimated budget

I uploaded this budget somewhere else, but re-posting it here. It is still not finalized, as Im still working on the revised scope of work.

Grant Budget & Reporting Template - ACSI 2020.pdf (10.0 KB)


Great, you can edit this post to include your loom presentation and your ask. It’ll be the place we share with the Demo Day :slight_smile:

I guess 5000$ is way too much on the Game Development area if you want to make a small Game, you need to consider the 5k for the illustration instead because your project is art heavy more than programming.

Thanks for letting me know> If you dont mind, can I give you more details, so that you have a better idea? Its 4-5 small games, not just 1. And the illustrations are directly related to the games. They are mainly drag and drop objects that can be resized. and some basic animation effects, like sparkling, books flipping pages. Nothing too complicated, but yes there is a lot of illustrating to do.
And I just found out that if I were to redo the website instead of building upon the already existing wordpress version, it will cost me more than what I estimated. So again, I have to give an accurate scope of work to get a realistic offer of what it will take to accomplish what I want.
Any thoughts?

the loom presentation is the 3 minute version that we will present on friday, right?

4-5 games are way too much to launch and think of when starting especially in the early stage because if you don’t want a developer for each game one developer will talk about 5-8 months to finish them all. and that is if all the resources and ideas are perfect and don’t need any modification along the way. and hiring 5 developers is out of question budget-wise.

What I recommend doing is think about a small application that contains general information about the project and have like 2-3 mini-games inside it which are easy to create and cost-effective and can allow students to have a little fun while reading.

This app will cost around 2500$ top on the programming side and will need a month or two in time for a professional developer.
(I’m basing the time and the cost on my personal experience)

now for the illustrations here is the tricky part because you need to find a devoted artist to join the team and really put the time and efforts to help because frankly having to pay for each illustration and your project is all about that, so it’s a one-way ticket to bankruptcy town in the early stages.

because in the end, you don’t need freelance jobs to cover the illustrations you need employees. because surviving on freelance between a couple of different artists the website and the games will be like a shit show, it’s very important for the art to come from the same person and be in the same soul and design.

I can’t give an estimate on how much the art can cost but if ask around you in your area about the minimum artist monthly wage you’ll get a good estimate.

or you can hire someone online, I guess here in Syria you can find artists that can work for 500$ a month and they’ll be the happiest artists alive the same goes to the developers, 250-500$ a month allow them to live a great life in Syria. So you can think outside the box on that subject and maybe it’s cheaper in India.

I hope my information helped you in a way or another. Great of Luck


Good Luck@Sarah, @Fadi I hope we can meet tom and have the chance to discuss my project further.Thanx in advance!

@Mariam yeah sure why not, but I guess tomorrow will be like a full demo day, but don’t worry worst case scenario we’ll talk tomorrow after the end of the session.

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Thank you Fadi for the advice! We had thought of an app, but the website needs a redesign and we cant do both at this time. It is doable to reduce the games, and add certain features to other activities found on the site. But in all honesty, the games are really simple, like beginner game developers can do it. And we are trying to work with a team that can handle it all ( site re-design, simple games and illustration and social media strategy and design). Eventhough I will be asking them if I can hire one of my illustrators. We’ll see how it goes.
Thank you also for giving me a general time frame of how long things will take. Its a world that I am not too familiar with, so its great to get some pointers.

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Sorry I just saw your reply, will figure a way to discuss things with you, thanx alot !