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Hello all - glad to see all the great initiatives and projects.
Looking forward to getting to know you more.


Very interesting! Especially the tours for the travelers, they could experience Beirut in a different, more authentic way!


Love the Venn-diagram, it reminds me a bit of the Ikigai workshop we had earlier this program.

What do you mean when you say that you tackle the various issues, I’m curious if you have mapped out various topics with learning moments during a tour. Also, do you have interactions as a part of the design of a tour?

When you said corporates, did you say that you create "mind-switches? - I wasn’t sure I heard correctly, sounds interesting!

Yes, it’s so good to have you here and to see the comments start coming in. It’s great when people spend a minute or two watching a short video and ask a helpful question, share some supporting content or just reach out to connect on a deeper basis. It’s my personal belief that our social interactions have become more utilitarian and limited due to the shortening of our attention spans, this is one reason why we encourage using loom to share deeper and ask our community to really engage with people’s messages with longer feedback :slight_smile:

Hope you’re having a great night!

Nice project Moustafa! Ya3tik l 3afieh. very interesting how you guys are actually targeting schools with innovative educational ideas. Keep it up!

Interesting Concept, so it is only in Beirut , or all across Lebanon ?

Thank you @marwa.ammar - we do not only work in Beirut; we work across all of Lebanon.

Hey @bilal - thank you for your message. You can find my responses below.

We started Alternative Tour Beirut with one main mission which is to help the local neighborhood with all appropriate means possible.

From that concept the Alternative Walking Tours came to life.

During the tours that we conduct for individual traveler we cover several topics such as history, gentrification, civil war, neighborhoods and the people who live in them. Basically we un-layer Beirut a neighborhood at a time - and with every stop we undertake we tackle a specific topic related to the physical space around it. The tour starts in areas that tourist are very familiar with, however along the tour we start moving to neighborhoods that are usually not visited by tourists. Neighborhoods like Khandak El Ghameek, Basta Tahta, Zoqaq El Blat.

At the beginning when we used to take tourist to those neighborhoods - stakeholders of the neighborhoods were a little bit defensive and conservative. But the more we passed by those neighborhoods the more the people started to open up to us, especially when they started to realize the economic weight that came along with it.

That is when we realized that our social impact in those neighborhoods is becoming very effective. We receive messages regularly from shop owners (carpenters, sandwich places, etc) thanking us for continuing to pass by as their businesses were capable of continuing and the businesses became more sustainable. In some cases new businesses popped up that were dependent on targeted foot traffic from the tours.

Now when it has to do from the perspective of the tourists - they started to feel as locals and not foreigners. The feeling that people gave them and the fact that the neighborhoods they are visiting are not hyper touristy areas - makes them feel at home.

Regarding corporate - apologies for the video. I said MICE; Meetings, Incentive Programs, Creative Conference Build-Ups, and Events.

I am looking forward to sharing in depth the whole scope of the project that we do.

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Thank you @alexandre.khouri ! I would be delighted to explain to you in depth what we do with schools if you want.

That makes it even more interesting! I believe that this kind of projects is the future of “tourism” providing a deeper understanding of the country and its culture! Including music somehow would be perfect!

I loved this idea! I know that many people have turned to look down upon lebanon because of its chaos and corruption, and the tragedy of this is to missing out or take for granted the vast richness of history especially in Beirut. I love that your tours highlight the idiosyncrasies, the vernacular of this amazing city.
Btw, your project reminded me of a beautiful art exhibition for an artist called Marwan Rechmaoui, called Beirut. Check it out online- it changed the way I viewed each neigborhood:)

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