Lamees's Loom Video?

Hey everybody I am Lamees, I would like to be remembered as happiness pumper :)!!


Ahlayn @lamees.y.halawi!
So glad to have your joy and happiness blessing our community page!

This is a great initiative, how many sessions have you run so far and what is the average number of attendees? Do you give the lessons yourself?
It’s so useful to have skills people can use to become freelancers. I wish online payments were easier in Lebanon, what platforms do you recomend and how do you get around the payment issues?

Welcome! And I’m sure you’ll find lots of people to connect with in the main category: - I think it’ll be so great to spread your positivity around. We love seeing thoughtful and deep responses to people’s posts as we combat the attention deficit syndrome that social media is inducing :).

Have a great day!

Hi Lamees,

Thanks for the video. I think it got cut a little before the end. But I would be interested in knowing more about your project. If you need a space around Tripoli one day for your trainings, let me know! At our institute we love to welcome these kind of initiatives.

Have nice evening,


Hey Lamees, very nice initiative! If you check my loom video you could also relate to what we are doing, with your work. It will be great if we could connect and further understand our projects!

All the best!

Heeyy!!! Thank you for your support we where scheduling trainings from oct to sep but due to the unexpected circumstances w paused for couple of months.
I have a huge PR of trainers, who should have conducted the trainings.
The meeting room we rented for the trainings doesn’t fit more than 20 participants, U-shaped form. So we have to fit to this criteria.
The payments usually are exchanged onsite.
Thank you

Hey alexandre…

I appreciate your interest, i would like to know more about yours as well. Due to the world’s condition nowadays, if you want we can schedule a specific date to meet on zoom or skype so we can discuss further our projects, and check how can we coordinate or even merge both projects if you want.

Kindly this is my contact email:

Thank you!!

Hey dear,

Sure, i appreciate your initiative, it would be a pleasure contacting or meeting you for further discussions. We can meet on zoom if you to discuss more.

Kindly, check my contact email address so we can schedule a meeting:

I will be waiting your response the soonest!!
Thank you in advance

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