Joumla: Teaching Arabic for Hearing Impaired Students

Teaching & learning has been always a communication process: BUT, what about students with communication difficulties?
AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) approaches are meant to find solutions. Makaton signs and Colorful Semantics represent some answers for Hearing Impaired students.
Yet Arabic language is a different challenge in this area. There are no apps that help in such a case.
Joumla , is an innovative tool that mixed concepts from both Makaton signs and Colorful semantics to help teaching hearing-impaired students how to construct a simple meaningful sentence in Arabic language.
Simply, Joumla means Sentence!
For the pitch elevaor please click here


Great mission Danielle! :rocket:

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Hello Danielle from Joumla,
I love your idea and how you present it. Wonder how much schools and parents know about it, as I believe it is very much needed in Lebanon. Not sure if you do that already, but home schooling with such initiative is a great opportunity for many kids unable to get that in our normal schools in Lebanon.

Best of luck & keep it up,


Amazing job
Good luck Danielle✨


I also love this idea @Danielle!
Were you able to install loom? If you need some help I’m sure I - or others here who have successfully installed and recorded a loom video - would be glad to help.
I’m wondering if you have any links so I can learn more about what you mean. I looked it up
This is Makaton:

And colorful semantics are:

Are you saying that you would create similar content and translate it? It seems that these signs are very literal and form simple sentences which is important for children, I want food - for instance - so perhaps the sign would be the same? I know that there are many kinds of sign language, I’m wondering if you think you will need to translate or use the same signs and simply create arabic language content to teach/share the signs.

Would love to hear back!

I encourage you to find other people’s projects and deeply connect with what they shared. It’s really helpful to ask good questions for both the listener and the reader!
Hope your quarantine is going well.


Thanks Bassel
Good luck to you!


Hello Danielle,

Very interesting project ! I would like to see some of your work to make sure that I got your idea as I imagined it.

One thing I was kept thinking about while reading your post is that there is a system for web development that is called joomla and I kept saying to my self that this is not related :joy: :joy: :joy:
Working from home is making me mix things in my mind :joy:

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Hi Rima,
what we have now is a working prototype. We tested it only in one school for special need students. Actually, part of my objectives is to be able to spread it in the community, and later to be able to take beyond borders in the Arab world.

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Hi Hany,

Not related at all to Joomla :slight_smile:
but our slogan is “Joumla means sentence” as you see we took it from the original Arabic meaning.
I will post a small demo
stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thanks Bilal for your non-stop help and assistance. Loom issue is most likely a bandwidth issue, taking too much time to upload. but I will manage.

I am happy you have done your own research about Makaton symbols and colorful semantics. keep going :slight_smile:
The problematic we are trying to solve is related to Arabic Language. It is not about creating new signs, it is all about teaching the child how to use them and link to the actual word (how it is written), then how to construct a basic/simple sentence. At the end, the child will face normal language in his/her life, and s/he should learn to read what we write in our language. Here is the challenge. What we started with, is the very basic form of the sentence. Again, it is specific because it is for Arabic language, for which you don’t find too much specialized “electronic/interactive” content -until now-.

Thanks one more time and stay safe

Thanks a lot
@issamarsafa best to you too

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I’m excited to share with you my introduction video.

Please follow the below link to get access to this video

Unfortunately I could’nt manage to create my video using loom.
Another video will follow with a demo of Joumla.

can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Here is Joumla’s demo:

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I caught the demo :slight_smile: so glad I got to connect with you… TWICE! Thanks to @DMN 's mentor matching skills. Looking forward to seeing the website live sometime soon. I can help you with some of the copy (the titles and subtitles for the website). Let me know. @Danielle

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Thanks a lot Dana for the time you put to view my demo. As It was for my pleasure to be my mentor twice. I thank you a lot for your precious constructive feedback and advice. My next steps would be building the website and knowing more about the market. Thanks for your help!

Please take care and stay safe