Jean-Claude Boulos (aka JC), Fawra Media

I’m sorry if it’s a terrible video but I’m not used to filming myself and talking in front of the camera. I didn’t watch this version so let me know if it’s good :joy:

If you want to know more about Fawra or me, you can find us both on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; for Fawra, you need to type in ‘fawramedia’ and for me, you can just search for Jean-Claude Boulos.


Hello @jcboulos! The video is great! I was hoping to see more about what you love and your project with the loom video’s screen share function :slight_smile:
Love seeing the responsiveness to what’s going on and leadership in supporting people by offering information from trusted sources, in VUCA times.
I love the idea of diving into the beautiful experiences that started popping up and framing it as a cultural revolution. One thing that would help is to clearly articulate how this connects to education and life-long learning. To me it’s clear, although before I tell you how I’d love to hear from you!

Also, please check out other people’s videos, in times of containment a message in response to a video where someone might have taken a social risk (not everyone is comfortable sharing videos of themselves… yet!) can be a most welcome bit of kindness. We love offering long responses, deeply thought out, that helps people feel listened to and seen. Welcome to our community and thanks for sharing your message!

PS, love the timer!

Congrats JC! Great idea your Media platform!

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Great job on your video @jcboulos I enjoyed listening to your elevator pitch and have already seen a couple of fawra produced videos. I think there’s great potential there and like @bilal I would love to hear your perspective of how this ties up to education and lifelong learning. Kudos and welcome to the community!

Hey everyone! I’m really sorry about the late reply but I actually just noticed that I didn’t reply back when I should have. First of all, thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed what you’ve seen, please send me the comments or feedback you have.

@bilal and @daramouracade asked me how my project links to lifelong learning and education. In my opinion, media and the arts play an important role in shaping cultures and societies; on the streets, we talk more about the movies we’ve seen, the news we’ve heard or the articles we’ve read than we talk about the algebra formula that we learned in high school. Not to mention that media is accessible to everyone, everywhere and anytime from graffiti splattered on walls to television to articles and studies posted online. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to academic education, especially in third-world or under-developed countries. Media and Academia complete each other: an academic background helps understand, analyze and process media in all its shapes and forms.

Education is power and a tool to move forward in life and education can be subtle (media) or direct (academia). Ever since I started with Fawra, I’ve been noticing that mainstream media is trying to take away the power from people by using fear and misinformation and a society can’t function when it’s based on fear. I started this project because I wanted to use the knowledge I had in the media to give room for other thoughts and stories to emerge that would inspire and bring back power to the people.

I hope this answer helps clarify things :grin: If you have any other questions, I’m all ears!