Hi , my Name is Mariam Haidar, Here is my loom Video , about our GreenTeK Curriculum , Thank you all


Good luck with your project.

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Thank you , you too :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @Mariam to the community and kudos on your project answering a critical need in an under-served region. Iā€™d love to know more about the project. How many schools are you delivering the curriculum in right now? Do you have a team helping you, if so how big is it?

Hello @daramouracade Dara, thank you for your welcoming .The ideas started as a hands on Summer program during our Summer camp Last year. It involved kids and their Grandparents, they were welcomed to invite them ,it was not easy because you have to choose the appropriate land for the program. Then we thought why not transfer this into a Gardening School Idea, to be integrated in the school curriculum or as an extraCurricular activity. We took a long time doing some research,so as not to reinvent the wheel so as to have a curriculum that goes aligned with the needs .We expect to finalize our curriculum within the coming few two -three months . We did not pilot it with schools, we expected to do so in the summer , hopefully. We hope we can also have an online version . We are currently a Team of Three, working on designing the curriculum from the education perspective, engineering one, and a food scientist . We hope that we can get deploy more people that can provide further support, esp experts in the field.
Hope I answered your questions, pls let me know if you need further details :slightly_smiling_face: Glad that it caught your attention . :dizzy:


Hello Mariam!

Its a wonderful initiative, that seems to have a very bright and fruitful future!

You should consider getting in touch with the NGO, Lebanon Reforestation Initiative, as they are highly interested in taking part in and contributing to such environmental activities.

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Interesting project ! Keep it up and good luck !

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Hi Rawane,
Thank you for your feedback and the positive Vibes! This is great, I think I know them, but never though of this, appreciate your recommendation.Awesome! :dizzy:

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Thank you Saleh for the motivation ! Appreciate it!

@osamaghaya Thank you, same to you!