Hey! This is Mike!

This is my Loom video:

Also, this is my cartoon animation:


Hello Mike!

Nice to e-meet you :blush:

Very interesting animation! Love how simple but effective the animation is.

Hey Bassel, thanks alot! :slight_smile:

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Hello Mike,
Great idea there
And i loved the animation! Liked your simple illustration style๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

I uploaded the startup explainer video a day after my introduction, be sure to check it out ! :slight_smile:

Good job for the animation man, heke it gives an energy boost!

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Very cool animation Mike! Love the creativity.
Welcome to the community

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Beautifully simple animation:)
Your start up idea is interesting, can you share a bit more about it?

Sure thing Sarah! I replied above with a link to my startup explainer video. :smiley: