Hello! We are Academic Mentor Program

This a brief intro to the center, hopefully, we’ll get to let you guys know more about the center and the team in the future!

P.S: there are some connection issues so bear with us:p


Interesting concept!

Glad to hear Youssef’s average doubled :heart_eyes: I would love to know more about your center and the new teaching methods you are using to get those results!

I also think it would you should connect with @Rawaneaffara as she is working on incorporating psychology in her platform too.

Best of luck!


Thank you @bassel bassel for the positive vibes you’re spreading everywhere :heart:
We are just trying to be more friendly with our students and to let them feel that we are here to help and encourage them not only as their teachers but as friends. This is the first method that keeps students love us and feel comfortable in our center.

When I watched Rawan’s video I was very excited, yes it will be a good opportunity to our center to work with you @Rawaneaffara​:heart::sparkles::sparkles:

Absolutely! Ringlet aims to provide personalized academic programs that cater to each student’s skills. Every program is different and depends on each student’s strengths and potential areas of improvement. I’d love to tell you more about Ringlet over Zoom! :star_struck:


I see you’ve split into 3 separate laptops since we met in the breakout room :joy:
I appreciate people working on customizing education. Keep up the good work and good luck!

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hahaha @Mike_Harb here’s a glimpse of our lives : if you don’t find us sitting together having a meeting, we’d be online having it :joy: somehow this project took over our lives and there are always ideas and opportunities and never-ending things to discuss :boom: :boom: :woman_shrugging:

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Glad to hear that…
It’s our pleasure to know more about Ringlet :sparkling_heart:

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:rofl::see_no_evil: This is our life :woman_shrugging:
As marwa said we spend all of our time working on this project✨
Good luck for you too⭐

That’s so great to hear :grinning: I love people who are passionate about what they do!

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Great Effort! Lots of schools don’t have the capability to understand each students individual needs to learn efficiently. Its nice to have such programs to rely on. Glad you’re making such a positive difference in your students:)

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Thank you dear, we are so glad to hear that

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