Hello! It's A'laa from WonderEd

Hello guys!! Here’s my intro <3

Looking forward to e-meeting you all!
Sorry about the sudden cut in the end, a technical problem happened and Loom didn’t record the rest of what I was showing you :frowning:

Here’s the link to our website and to our Instagram:


Interesting project and a lot of passion with it, and the story telling feature is also a great add. You can put your Instagram page in the comments, so we can visit it as well (since it was cut from the video).

Hello Nadine! Hehe yeah, I’m extremely passionate and I’ve been told it’s all over my face hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
I edited the description and added the Instagram link below the website! Let me know if you can’t see it. Would also love to hear your feedback on our page :heart:

Hi Yes I can see your Instagram, will visit your page too. Please see my video as well and give me your opinion. Thank you!

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Great Concept! Just to have an idea, what do you do on the playdates for 4 year olds, if you can give me an idea for future playdates:)

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Hello @AlaaChbaro,

I think this is the best age for kids to play with :heart_eyes: Glad to see someone targeting kids at this young age helping them learn the new literacy (coding).

PS. I think most of us can relate to your reaction at the end of the video :sweat_smile: @bilal Loom has been very stressful for us! One mistake and you have to re-record the whole video again! :joy:

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Hello fellow psychologist :raising_hand_woman:t2:

WonderEd is taking early childhood education to the next level! I think I’ve seen you in @theKoolmom’s story on Instagram!

As for the storytelling part, you should check out Kindi, which is a mobile application that helps all learners actively develop their decoding skills by reading for/with someone else: https://kindi.io/

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Hahaha yeah indeed!! Apparently it was only recording the Loom screen so I couldn’t shuffle between tabs hehe but it’s okayy, you got the gist :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, spending time with these young ones brings joy to my heart. Here’s a selfie from our last workshop :heart_eyes:


Hello Sarah!
At each playdate we have a story to tell, through which we teach children - aged 3 to 6 years - the basic concepts of coding. The first session is usually an introductory one, then when children enroll in our series of playdates, they then start learning at each session a concept. In addition to that, each workshop has a hands on activity, which are the ones I showed earlier in the video - construction, painting, arts, nutrition, and environmental awareness. Also, at each workshop we have a capacity of minimum 4/maximum 6 children to optimize learning.

Hello sweetheart!!
YEAHH!! It was a suuperr fun and nice playdate at the KoolMom’s! :heart_decoration:

Thank you for the referral :heart:, I actually checked Kindi earlier, but thing is that all our workshops are totally offscreens and we’re intending to keep them that way, it’s a core value.

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Heyy @AlaaChbaro, I love what you’re doing and I think these kinds of activities have the ability to boost the children’s skills in a deep way so I hope you’re experiencing those nice results with them.
I can imagine how amazing it is to interact with this group. they could teach you stuff as much as you can teach them!!! they have their own awesome and creative perspective on things.
and if you ever decide to do stuff for schools or older kids, we could become partners:p

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Thank youuu sweetheart :heart:

Yess of course! Good luck in your project!

Hello @AlaaChbaro :sparkles:

You know! We share the same passion, teaching little ones :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:and your project is so useful in this field , you are really supporting and helping children to grow with this grateful way​:sparkles::sparkles:

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I like the age group you are targeting, good luck on the initiative :v:

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I see that our future will be bright ! Kids will create a different Lebanon for sure! Good luck

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Very Interesting as it goes aligned with our vision, Growth Mindset! Am interested to know more about your upcoming kit, and the age group you target, as I work in STEAM education and the activities you do caught my attention.Good Luck!

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So happy you’re still pursuing this
Excellent aesthetic all the way through
I also want to discuss the product but we’ll leave that to a Zoom discussion
So amazed at the progress
Hope to get to discuss it soon @AlaaChbaro

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Yeah, WonderEd’s vision is a life mission I intend to achieve. Thank you! I still have a loot of work to do, especially on the line of products and would love to discuss this with you! If we didn’t get the chance to speak on Zoom during the session, would love to hop on a separate call whenever you have some free time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: