Hello! I am Karine from Kidural

Hi everyone!
My name is Karine and this is my first ever Loom video :slight_smile:


Amazing to have you here @karine - I had no idea what the name meant, to be really honest it reminded me about Epidurals :!

Hey @acsi-open-c - let’s show Karine some support, if you have children or cousins or nieces and nephews, there’s some great content here: https://www.instagram.com/kidural_com/

I’m wondering what the business model you see here. Do you think this will be a blog with ad revenue or?

Lovely to see you here, and I hope we all learn to connect more deeply virtually in this time of epidemic and beyond. Ask deeper questions, use loom and video successfully to share things that matter. That’s another thing Karine, I’d love for you to share something you find beautiful, a hobby, a favorite youtube song! :D!

Stay wonderful yall!


Thanks Bilal! Funny to hear what the name reminded you of!
One of the most beautiful things that I have seen in the past few days is people’s ability to adapt to different situations by using creative solutions.
Stay safe!


Hello Karine,

It is very important how you are targeting a topic (History and Culture) that may not interest kids a lot and linking it to something the care about these days (Technology and social media) and it’s very nice how you are making it interactive with the questions…
I would recommend that you may also consider having badges on your website for the kids who answer correctly, visit many content etc. This will keep them motivated to learn more.

I work on making websites, If you feel that you need any technical support in developing the platform I would like to volunteer to do so!

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Hello @Karine !

I wish I had that when I was a kid!

I used to always feel bored with history classes and always wondered if this boring class can be given in a more interesting way!

I agree with @hanyanan, I think you should look into gamification (if you are not already). I can also help you with that if needed. We heavily rely on gamification at Cherpa.

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Hello Hany,

Thank you very much for the feedback. Using gamification would be a great idea and a fun way of motivating kids to stay engaged with the content.
As for your proposal regarding the website, I am currently working with someone but any additional help would be welcome, and it would be great to keep in touch with you for future support.
Thanks again!

Hi Bassel!
Thanks for your feedback, we have been looking into gamification and would be grateful for any technical help in that area.
I hope we can stay in touch!

THANK YOU! That is a much needed platform, Karine. I also think that gamification and other exploratory features can be used to boost students’ knowledge.

I really wish i had that too when i was a kid
the upcoming generation has a lot to learn with the enormous amount of knowledge we have now, so its a great idea to provide them with what they really need to know and that is beneficial to them, in addition to helping them get more grounded and connected to their country

Thanks @Rawaneaffara for your feedback!

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I loved your idea! I teach a required history course for uni students- if they had this while growing up, they might come to my class happier;)
And exposing kids to our rich history is crucial to bringing a sense of positive identity. Great initiative.

So glad that you like the idea Sarah!
Our plan is to show kids that art, history and culture can be fun when taught using the right tools.
Thanks for reaching out.

Glad you’re teaching subjects that are usually overlooked at those ages! Good luck :slight_smile:

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