Great online discussions, this week, with the virtual Skoll Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

I’ve been lucky enough to go to the Skoll Forum a few times, but many years ago. It’s a selective gathering, a few hundred people, and far away in Oxford, UK. Now however, it’s open to people around the world, with the forum now happening online. Check out the sessions from March 30-April 3 online, on a wide variety of topics from health, education, environment, sustainable and inclusive economies, COVID-19 response, and more. And closing with a virtual dance party. :slight_smile:

I already signed up for a few sessions. Hope to see you there!


Thanks for sharing this Munir. There’s a whole bunch of awesome events being collected online, I’m excited to bring our new site up with an easy to view calendar.

Thanks for sharing this Munir, will def check it out