Demo And Presentations: Levantine Institute

Hi everyone!

Here is the video I quickly recorded today for Demo, as well as the budget.

Our ‘‘ask’’ would be to start and share our Online Skype Classes already to any person who could be interested! This is an amazing way to support us during these tough times Shot 2020-03-30 at 17.42.54


Awesome @alexandre.khouri - I’m shifting this over to the demo category since we will make that public for people to view. You can work on this post to continue to edit and improve till we go live on Tuesday :slight_smile:

Hello Alex, I would highly recommend that you add some visuals to your pitch & start with your unique value proposition; what Levantine Institute offers that is highly valuable, by actually solving these problems & important issues that you listed. Then the details of your services, team, plan will be “how” you are making this happen.

Golden circle rule: Simon Sinek: Golden Circle Speech - TED Talk - YouTube

It would be great if you have a success story, or a testimonial, that you can include to showcase the impact of your lessons on your beneficiaries.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Sarah, I re-shaped the entire presentation and many thanks for that video, pretty interesting to look at things from this angle.

Have a nice evening,