Check out Proctyx!

Hey guys! The video above is an explainer video for my startup. I hope I can get feedback from the community :slight_smile:


Hey Mike - that is really cool and very much needed. Good luck!

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Thanks alot! :smiley:

Hi Mike,
Kudos on producing this great explainer video. It does a great job at showcasing your project idea. I’m hooked now I want to know more about the project, which stage it’s at and how you’re actually building the pattern recognition algorithm.
Welcome to the community and good luck in the sprint!

Hey Dara, I am actually a one man team for now. I am looking to hire developers to build the software solution and I will be out on a lookout for a CTO Co-founder. I have already proposed the solution to be tested at AUB and the project received positive traction from administrative officials.
The architecture of the software tool is designed but I am waiting for testing to actually analyze data and build some models.


Hello Mike!

It’s very nice seeing you here with this project!! I love how animated and explanatory the video is.
How do you control for print screens? Because students always find ways to get the material they want no matter how nonfunctional the document is :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!!

Hey A’laa, I used the term ‘Deter’ accordingly, because stage 1 of the software does not ‘Stop’ people from sending information to 3rd party groups, it simply hinders, makes it harder. The reason for that is to passively make the process of cheating harder, they would have to take multiple mobile shots of the screen. However, the absence of their pattern on the document is an indication of cheating all by its own. (If he doesn’t use the file and just sends the pictures). The algorithm flags patterns and their absence.
Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Haha excuse my ignorance but “deter” wasn’t part of my vocabulary :stuck_out_tongue: I added it now hehe. Good to see you’re accounting for that! Good luck

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Hey Mike!
I really like how Proctyx aims to provide a “fair trial” to all students! Looking forward to seeing Proctyx progress and grow!

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Hey Rawane, thanks for the support! :smiley:

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