Can you connect me with ____? [Sharing connections]

One of the key challenges for us is connections. Maybe this thread can help in connecting people together depending on what is needed from the startups/projects.

I’ll start with myself :guardsman:t2:‍♀

About the startup:
My startup is Cherpa ( and we provide schools and parents with interactive K12 educational online courses in tech fields like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Coding and Robotics (for ages 12 till 16). Promo video can be found here: Cherpa Cyber Security Promo - YouTube

I am looking for connections:

  1. Schools teachers teaching tech (computer or physics) teaching students 12 till 16 years old.

  2. Parents that have children in the ages of 12 to 16 years old willing to test some new content

  3. School principals interested in incorporating tech into their curriculum

  4. NGO organizations that want to teach underprivileged students (ages 12 till 16 years old) to their beneficiaries.

How can you connect me?
By replying to this thread, emailing me or on WhatsApp

Thanks :grin:


Hey Basel! I’m more than happy to connect you with some of the principals I know in Saida. Also, I can pitch this to my clients and possibly facilitate the testing process!

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Hey bassel.

For sure, i am highly interested to connect with you, i am a teacher for this age, moreover i have contact with almost all the teachers for this specific age in the shouf region.

How can i support??
Here is my contact email address: lamees.Y.Halawi@gmail.Com
Waiting your response the soonest.

Hey Bassel,

I just saw your post!
I will share with you on whatsapp some connections with school principals I know and NGOs interested! I have 3 for know and will share with you more if I remembered any other.

Wish you best of luck!