Basics of writing and formatting posts on The Pitchworthy Community

The Pitchworthy Community uses a basic formatting system called “markdown”. It allows users to do basic formatting, while also making sure that users don’t (intentionally or accidentally) upload files or include formatting that could include bugs, viruses, or other unwanted stuff. Some basics include typing:

  • A “**” (without the quote marks) on both sides of a word or sentence to make it bold.

  • A single “*” to make something italic.

  • A “*” and a space to get a bullet point list, like this one here.

  • If you want a numbered list, just start a new line with "1. "

  • If you want to add headers, start the line with "# " for Heading 1 (the biggest), "## " for Heading 2, and so forth.

  • If you want to add a link, just write out the link properly (, or if you want to make some text clickable to a link use this format: [Link text](

  • If you want to write something out, and don’t want it converted using the markdown formatting, put a ` mark on both sides of it (this was used in the previous point to show the link formatting)

  • If you want to learn more, you can check out a basic overview for a general use-case of markdown over at (The Pitchworthy Community follows most of those standards, those some variations do exist), and there’s a fun/simple 10-minute walk-through tutorial at

Happy writing and marking!