Ahmad Aref Merhabi from Tapnlearn shares his loom video


Nice! I love whiteboard animations, I once tried ‘Videoscribe’ and it takes so much effort.
Good luck with the project!

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Very interesting!!
Good luck dear.


Cool project! I am interested to see your content when ready :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!


Hi Ahmad!
Very interesting to hear about your project, I am sure its a great way for students to learn!


@tapnlearn, I’m curious were you able to figure out how to use Loom.com? I’d love to see a screenshare with some of your whiteboard animations! Are you an animator?

What will it take to populate the content on your IOS/android app?

I’m glad to get to know you too, go around the https://community.pitchworthy.co/c/asfari/ACSI-OpenHouse-Welcome/179 and comment on some other people’s videos that don’t have lots of comments, share the love! It will be great also if we can ask deeper questions, it’s nice to say things like, “great project” what I think would be wonderful is if we can help each other feel heard by connecting more deeply with what people are sharing and asking questions to help people refine/think differently about their projects. Or to share connections / learning potentials.

I always loved the RSA’s, actually, one of my favorite whiteboard animations is this, perhaps it can help you learn about getting people to use your platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv0sOX6Alrk

Do you have a favorite video?

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Interesting project Ahmad! Congratulations!


Great project :+1:
Good luck !


Hello Ahmad,

Very interesting to hear about your project.
I am currently working on something similar and I would like to see some of your content as well!
We can collaborate together for the benefits of the students!

Looking forward to see more about your project.
Wish you best of luck!!

Hello Bilal,

The video you shared about the 6 principle of persuasion is very beneficial and I was able to learn from it!
I also like whiteboard animations videos. I’ve once read a study that shows that these types of videos increase the click rate of any video and increase the traffic on websites by a significant amounts.
Additionally, It is important to learn with fun!

Its interesting Ahmad,and would like to know more about it! I have been working in the Educational Technology field for almost 7 years, and would like to know more about your project.I would like to know more about your whole vision, are these videos going to be used by teachers or students? Is it going to be a part of a blended solution or only videos? Would like to know more about the objective of using videos and how they are going to be used. If you can share a sample I can share with you some advices that maybe helpful for you ::slight_smile:

Hello Ahmad,

Sounds interesting. I believe the situation now with the online teaching and its effectiveness can be a good way to test and validate your content and method, did you consider doing so?
Would also love to see some of your content and would be very happy to give feedback on it if needed. I’m not an expert in animation, but I have been in the field from quite a good time :wink:

Hi guys,
i have been replying to your feedbacks directly from my email, are you all receiving my emails?
because apparently it does not show on the board here.

Hi A’laa,

i would appreciate any feedback and help. i will be launching my prototype soon and will send you a link once done.

Many thanks,


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Hi Mariam,
my project involves videos with interactive question, problems and course summaries. it will be helpful to both teacher and students alike.
i will be sharing my prototype soon and all feedbacks are welcome.

Hi Hany,
this is exactly the point behind my project. it is to grab attention and deliver information in the lowest amount of time possible. Plus it is fun.

Hi Mike,
We are actually using videoscribe as one of our softwares an it does take alot of time to produce a one minute video.

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