A short description of the Character Strengths

Virtue of Wisdom

  • Creativity: Original, adaptive, ingenuity, seeing and doing things in different ways
  • Curiosity: Interest, novelty-seeking, exploration, openness to experience
  • Judgment: Critical thinking, thinking through all sides, not jumping to conclusions
  • Love of Learning: Mastering new skills & topics, systematically adding to knowledge
  • Perspective: Wisdom, providing wise counsel, taking the big picture view

Virtue of Courage

  • Bravery: Valor, not shrinking from threat or challenge, facing fears, speaking up for what’s right
  • Perseverance: Persistence, industry, finishing what one starts, overcoming obstacles
  • Honesty: Authenticity, being true to oneself, sincerity without pretense, integrity
  • Zest: Vitality, enthusiasm for life, vigor, energy, not doing things half-heartedly Virtue of Humanity
  • Love: Both loving and being loved, valuing close relations with others, genuine warmth
  • Kindness: Generosity, nurturance, care, compassion, altruism, doing for others
  • Social Intelligence: Emotional intelligence, aware of the motives/feelings of self/others, knowing what makes other people tick

Virtue of Justice

  • Teamwork: Citizenship, social responsibility, loyalty, contributing to a group effort
  • Fairness: Adhering to principles of justice, not letting feelings bias decisions, equal opportunity for all
  • Leadership: Organizing group activities to get things done, positively influencing others

Virtue of Temperance

  • Forgiveness: Mercy, accepting others’ shortcomings, giving people a second chance, letting go of hurt when wronged.
  • Humility: Modesty, letting one’s accomplishments speak for themselves
  • Prudence: Careful about one’s choices, cautious, not taking undue risks
  • Self-Regulation: Self-control, disciplined, managing impulses, emotions, and vices

Virtue of Transcendence

  • Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence: Awe and wonder for beauty, admiration for skill/ excellence, elevation for moral beauty
  • Gratitude: Thankful for the good, expressing thanks, feeling blessed
  • Hope: Optimism, positive future-mindedness, expecting the best & working to achieve it
  • Humor: Playfulness, bringing smiles to others, lighthearted – seeing the lighter side
  • Spirituality: Connecting with the sacred, purpose, meaning, faith, religiousness

Great description. I will be sharing more on virtues too!

I am introducing virtues and why they are key to our personal development to our girls this weekend. I am also looking for a movie that goes along with the weekend theme: virtues.

I thought of patch adams because he was a virtuous person obviously yet I am open for other suggestions.

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Recommended book for those who are trying to know more about their temperament.

The author of this book links temperament challenges to virtues, super cool and helpful!


Very interesting Ghiwa! Thanks for sharing, we should totally have a shared virutal library somewhere with PDF’s, access to kindle, audio/podcasts, etc. Organized well so we can find things, and with people who recommended them as referrals, so someone can ask you the person who suggested learned / took away from this book.

What did you learn from this book? I’m curious :slight_smile:

I wonder if we have a category for virtue in general. It’s such a broad word that we generally use the approach from positive psychology to break them down into their character strengths.

Hope you are well, and what are you referring to when you say “personal development with your girls”? Would love to know with whom you’re sharing your learning and growing!


Thanks for your interest Bilal.

I would briefly say that what I learned from this book is my ‘virtue challenge’. Example: My temperament X has positives and negatives. The virtue challenge is the result of our temperament obviously, which we were born with. A virtue x say ‘Perseverance’, can help in our character development by working on the limitations of our temperament which we were born with. It was never our personal choice but overcoming our limitations IS…
Just like adding to your talents is a personal choice too, if you know what I mean. Through skills, knowledge, practice, etc…

The author has leadership institutes in various countries around the world. In Lebanon, it was founded last year after the conference he gave in November 2019. If anyone is interested in knowing more, you can visit the website: hvli.org

As for your last question, we train girls who are selected to take part in the 3 years ‘career guidance program for rural development’ at the Institue of Management and Services IMS.

A video in the homepage explains it all.