A question about the global situation

Hello! I have a question that doesnt specifically relate to any start-up or idea, but something that Im sure is in the collective thoughts of many people. I have been thinking over the past week about this virus and how it is reshaping the world (temporarily). And I know its potential dangers and my heart goes out to those who are suffering directly from it. For sure it is devastating families, cities, countries,( eventhough dangerous viruses are not new to humans.)
My question is, would people to prefer to go “back to normal” after the virus dies down, or are there lasting benefits from such a world phenomena that people would like to hold to?

(Personally, I like the quiet it has brought about among a few other things.)

Love the question Sarah!

I was actually just reading an interesting article on the topic.
Here is the link if you want to check it out: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/03/19/coronavirus-effect-economy-life-society-analysis-covid-135579

Personally I am devastated how the virus is affecting people’s health and taking lives.

Yet looking at the other side of it, I guess it was a wake up call for humanity that the world/systems we have built are vulnerable, things can crumble easily and quickly. Which reminds us how little control we have over this earth. The good out of this situation for me is:

  • The lower environmental footprint that human beings are causing during this period and I believe this will continue even after it ends as people realize that work from home/ online communication is possible for a big range of tasks.

  • The virus reminded us that all human beings are equal (I am reacting just like a Chinese/American/African person is and if I do get the virus, I will have the same symptoms). Which is a great advancement in empathy.

  • Technology will be pushed faster and become a necessity to be made accessible to more people.

  • And something I have been seeing a lot of people point out lately, is the fact that we are now seeing the real hero’s of society. At some point we have forgotten that Medical staff, scientists and researchers are more important than singers or football players.

Let me know your thoughts on these!

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